Project Management Process

We provide you the client with roof reports, roof inspections, estimations, quotations and specifications and many more valuable services.

We visit the site, carry out an extensive site survey, due diligence report. Draw up a detailed specification with a scope of work and detailed data sheet and application methods and Bill of Quantity (B.O.Q.)

We do (upon request) the invited tender list of approved contractors, carry out the site meeting, assist in the appointment and adjudicating of the tender and provide the management of the entire project from start to finish.

All procedures of the scope of work is checked and signed off by our professional team, including the technical representative of the manufacturer / supplier of the products being used on the project.

Call us... Do not even attempt to proceed with any work to your roof without us!

J.I.A. Waterproofing & Roofing Consultants
- Independent Waterproofing Consultants
- Project Management
- 34 Years Experience
- Quantity Control
- Roof Assessments
- Contractor Evaluation
- Tracking of Leaks
- All Roof Waterproofing, Painting & Maintenance
- Roof Problem Identification & Solution Providers
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